By Courtney Illfield&Phoebe Cristinelli

Est. Australia 2016


Lola Varma unearths a new mood in bridal,  recognised first by Vogue Paris for their renegade approach to bridal. 

Drawing inspiration from the ever evolving modern woman and the sophistication of runway fashion, the Australian duo have produced a collection of minimal separates and gowns in sleek silhouettes,  perfect for brides looking for something elegant and honest.

If your day-to-day style unfolds naturally then the collection is awash with possibility, offering a range of casually confident gowns, skirts, blouses and tops.

Each garment is handmade to order in Perth, Australia, using the finest of unexpected fabrics.

Rich silks, layered with light wools, masterfully cut, comfortable and heavy in character.

A slow burning suggestiveness ripples through pure ivory palettes and easy silhouettes creating an arresting statement. 

Lola Varma invites you to celebrate and embrace your individuality in a fluidity of fabric that is bold in simplicity and style, reminding you just how good it can feel to smile just for you and not for any body else. 


Courtney and Phoebe