Capri, Italy

Capri: The island of Capri is one of the Mediterranean’s most luxuriant and beguiling beauties. For centuries the sun-kissed island has charmed Roman emperors, artists and celebrities alike. Inevitably, the island is given over to tourism and high price tags, however, on arrival you can immediately see the appeal of its rugged sea scape and endless banks of grand and decadent villas. The island is dotted with vegetable plants and brilliantly coloured bougainvilleas—truly a home of magic. 

Wedding accommodation: We were lucky enough to work with a bride who resided her bridesmaids in the less spoilt town of Anacapri. The house (found on Air B’n’B); a sun-drenched kingdom of femininity with every corner adorned in soft beach and intricate tiling of flirty hues of blue. The main bedroom was made up of walls of heavy books, not to mention the stunning kitchen detailing. The home towered over a blossoming hill garden with pool. All that overlooked a breathtaking view of the ocean. 

Lola Varma