Naples, Italy

Wandering Naples (a journey of discovery best explored on foot and a bridal dress) had unruly streetscapes of crumbling facades, time-worn colour palettes so unloved we felt compelled to stop and photograph every surface. Naples can feel tattered, but if you look beyond its grime it is an ancient old city dense in authenticity and profound humanity. Our balcony apartment that we called home for more days than intended (We lost our luggage for a few days *cough cough*), proved to be a visual feast of textures making it a master piece setting for our first Lola Varma photo shoot. The images (most containing nudity and strange fruits) encapsulated an unrefined beauty and spontaneous spirit that we are so strongly fascinated by. 

Just quietly, we swilled powerhouse reds on our rooftop naked, overlooking an ethereal pink sun sinking behind a sultry volcano. Pow! Naples was infinitely more interesting and beautiful than any original plan.  

Lola Varma