Melbourne, Australia

Minimal is our mantra at Lola Varma.  So when in search of the next setting for our new collection shoot, our exploration stopped no further than our Melbourne holiday home. 

Simple lean archways, time-worn colour palettes tailored in brass finishes and barely-there furniture, made this towering terrace the perfect canvas for what us two had in mind. 


We've done away with the obvious themes and honed in on the giddy feeling of slipping into vintage lacey socks, pink doll heels, and lustrous silks.


We hope dearly, that we flushed the cheeks of all the women we met under this roof.


Welcome to the Lola Varma doll house— a visual feast of gentle romance.


Photography and creative direction: Courtney Illfield & Phoebe Cristinelli

Make up: Carla Dyson

Model: Lauren Haynes

Lola Varma